Student Testimonials

Megha Thakar. M.Sc Industrial Biotechnology (Sem II)

“Biotechnology is the future, and we are the working bodies for a bright future. Here, at School of Applied Sciences and Technology-GTU budding talent is encouraged that attracted the enthusiast present inside me. The environment, teachers, facilities and platform are always open to our new ideas making it a suitable Institute for knowledge seekers.”

Manav Mistry. M.Sc Industrial Biotechnology (Sem II)

“I chose to study at the School Of Applied Sciences & Technology (SAST) – Gujarat Technological University because we all know that Gujarat Technological University is one of the best universities in Gujarat.,I chose to study Industrial biotechnology at the SAST-GTU because of the importance of this field and its background in the India and across the Globe. It will improve my future professional prospects when I’ll go and work in the industry.”

Animesh Ray. M.Sc Industrial Biotechnology (Sem II)

“It was my immense fortune to be the part of GTU-SAST. The all time support and motivation of the faculty members enlightened me throughout my beautiful journey .”