Books in Library

Sr. No.TitalsNo. of CopiesAUTHORPUBLISHER
1An Illustrated Busness Histrory Of The United States1VagueUPP
2An Introduction to Environmental biotechnology1Wainwright, MiltonSpringer Science
3Analytical Biotechnology1V. RamachandranDominant Publishers
4Aquaculture Biotechnology5Oxford
5Basic Cell Culture3Garrity, G.M, Brenner, D.J, Kreig M.R. and Statey J.T.
6Bergey’S Manual Of Systematic Bacteriology1Berg, tymoczko, StryerFreeman and company (W.H.2006)
7Biochemistry5Donald Voet, Judith G voetWiley-Liss
8Bioconductor Case Studies1
9Bioinformatics , 3/Ed1Andrease & B. F. FranicleWilley
10Bioinformatics: Sequence And Genome Analysis3Mount, D. W2005
11Bioinformatics:the machine learning Approch1Pierre Baldi & Soren BrunakMIT Press
12Biophysical Chemistry Principles And Techniques5Upadhyay and NathHimalaya Pub. House
13Biophysics And Molecular Biology : Tools And Techniques20Pranav KumarPathfinder Publication
14Bioprocess Engineering Principles20Pauline DoranAcademic Press
15Biosafety & Bioethics15Rajmohan JoshiGyan Books
16Biostatistical Analysis 5/Ed1Pearson
17Biostatistics10Veer Bala RastogiMedtech
18Biostatistics (Arora & Malhan)10Arora & MalhanHimalaya Publishing House
19Biotechnology : A Problem Approach20Pranav Kumar, Usha Mina, Praveen VermaPathfinder Publication
20Biotechnology Entrepreneurship: Starting, Managing, And Leading Biotech Companies1Shimasaki, C. D.Academic Press
21Biotechnology Operations: Principles And Practices1John M. Centanni, Michael J. RoyCRC press
22Brock Biology Of Microorganisms2Madigan martico , BenderPearson
23Business Modeling For Life Science And Biotech Companies: Creating Value And Competitive Advantage With The Milestone Bridge2Onetti, A., & Zucchella, A.Routledge
24Cell And Molecular Biology1De Robertis E.D.P.Walters Kluwers
25Cell Biology: Organelles Structure And Function10David E. SadavaJones and Bartlett Publishers, Inc
26Computational Genome Analysis (An Introduction)1Deonier, Tavare watermanSpringer
27Concepts Of Genetics, 11/Ed10
28Culture Of Animal Cells: A Manual Of Basic Technique And Specialized Applications2R. Ian FreshneyJohn Wiley & Sons, Inc
29Dietetics (Multi Colour Edition), 8/Ed5
30Discovering Genomics, Proteomics And Bioinformatics6Campbell AM and Heyer LJPearson
31Downstream Process Technology: A New Horizon In Biotechnology20Prasad, Nooralabettu KrishnaPHI
32Downstream Processing Of Protains : Methods and Protocols1Desai, Mohamed A.Humana Press
33Environmental Biotechnology1Springer
34Environmental Biotechnology: Concepts And Application1Hans-Joachim Jordening, Josef WinterJohn Wiley & Blackwell
35Environmental Microbiology2Maier, R.M., Peppler I.L and Gertha C.P.Academic Press.
36Enzymes5T PalmerWoodhead Publishing
37Enzymes In food Processing1Nagodawithana,TilakAcademic Press
38Essentials Of Practical Microbiology15Apurba Sankar Sastry, Sandhya Bhat KJaypee Medical Publishers
39From Genes To Genomes: Concepts And Applications Of Dna Technology5Jeremy W. Dale, Malcolm von Schantz, Nicholas PlantWiley
40Fundamental Immunology1Paul, W. E.Wolter Kluwer
41Fundamental Of Ecology7Odum E.P and Barrett G.WCenegage learning.
42Fyndamentals mof Enzymology2Price, Niucholas C., Stevens, LewisOxford university Press
43Gene Control , 2E1David LatchmanGarland Science
44General microbiology6Stanier,Ingraham,painterMacmillan Press Ltd
45Genetics 3/Ed5
46Genomes5Brown TAGarland Science
47Handbook Of Water Analysis1Leo M.L. Nollet, Leen S. P. De GelderCRC press
48Higher Engineering Mathematics 44 Ed1B. S. GrowalKhanna Publisher
49Innovation, Commercialization And Startups In Life Sciences1CRC
50Instrumental Methods Of Analysis10Willard et al.,CBS
51Integral Calculus10Shanti Narayan, Dr. P.K.mittalS. Chand
52Intellectual Property Rights20Pandey Neeraj, Dharni KhushdeepPHI Learning
53Introduction To Bioinformatics1Arthure M lerzOxford
54Introduction to Protein Science1
55Introduction To Proteins Structure2Branden and ToozeGarland Publishing Group(Routledge)
56Introduction To Proteomics1Wiley
57Introduction To Proteomics Tools For The New Biology1
58Kuby Immunology2Jenni Punt, Sharon Stranford, Patricia Jones and Judith A OwenMacmillan Education
59Lean Biomanufacturing: Creating Value Through Innovative Bioprocessing Approaches1Smart, Nigel J.Woodhead Publishing Limited
60Lehninger:Principles of Biochemistry4Nelson &coxMacmillam internationn
61Lewin’S Genex Xi1Krebs, Goldstein, KilpatricJones & Bartlette
62Mahajan’S Methods In Biostatistics For Medical Students And Research1Bratati banargijaypee Brothers
63Mahajan’s Methods in Biostatics for medical Students &Reserch10Barati BanerjeeJaypee
64Manual Of Environmental Microbiology5Christon Hurst, Ronald L.C, Guy R. K, Miachael J.M, Linda D. SASM press
65Manual of Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology5Richard & BaltsASM press
66Marine Niche: Applications in Pharmaceutical Sciences2Nathani, Neelam , mootapally, Chadrashekar, Gadhavi, Indra R., Maitreya, Bharat, Joshi, Chaitanya G.Springer
67Medical Devices & Human Engineering1
68Metabolic Egineering1
69Micrbiology : A Laboratory Manual 11/Ed1Cappuccino WelshPearson
70Microarray Bioinformatics1Dov StekelCambridge
71Microbial Biotechnology : Fundamentals Of Applied Microbuiology1Glazer, Alexander N.Cambridge University Press
72Microbiology , 5Ed2Pelzar, Chan krigMacgraw Hill
73Modern Biotechnology: Connecting Innovations In Microbiology And Biochemistry To Engineering Fundamentals1Nathan S. Mosier, Michael R. LadischWiley-AIChE
74Molecular Biology Of The Cell1Bruce alberts et al.,Norton
75Molecular Cell Biology , 9/Ed2Lodish et al., 2012
76Molecular Cloning A Laboratory Manual, 3 Vols, 4Ed6Green and SambrookCold Spring Harber
77Molecular Cloning A Laboratory manuals3Green & SambrookCold spring
78Next Generation Sequenncing Data Analysis5Xinkum WangCRC press
79Nutrition Science (Multi Colour Edition), 7/Ed5
80Nutrition Science (Multi Colour Edition), 7/Ed5
81Patteren Discovery In Bioinformatics1CRC press
82Plant Biotechnology : New Products and Applications1Hammond, J., Mcgarvey,p.Springer
83Plant Metabolomics – Methods And Protocols1Carla AntonioHumana Press
84Plant Tissue Culture, Development, And Biotechnology2Trigiano and GrayCRC press
85Practical Clinical Biochemistry, 4Ed2
86Prescotts Microbiology 11/Ed1Joanney WilleyMacgraw Hill
87Principales of Tissue Engineering1Lanza, Robert, Langer, Robert, Vacanti, Joseph P., Atala, AnthonyAcademic press
88Principales of Fermentation Technology5Stanbury, Peter F., Whitaker, Allan, Hall, Stephen j.Butterworth-Heinmann
89Principles And Techniques Of Biochemistry And Molecular Biology12Keith Wilson, John walkerCambridge University Press
90Principles Of Cloning1Cibelli, J., Robert P., Keith L.H.S., Campbell H., and West M. D.Academic Press
91Principles Of Fermentation Technology1Peter F. Stanbury, Stephen J. Hall & A. Whitaker,Elsevier India Pvt Ltd
92Principles Of Gene Manipulation And Genomics , 7E (Pb 2014)4Primrose S and Twyman RWiley
93Principles Of Proteomics1Twyman RM.Garland Science Taylor & Francis Group
94Protain Biochemistry and Proteomics1Rehm, HubertAcademic press
95Protein Downstream Processing: Design, Development And Application Of High And Low Resolution Methods In Molecular Biology1Nikolaos E. LabrouHumana Press(Springer)
96Proteins: Biochemistry And Biotechnology6Gary WalshJohn Wiley & Sons Ltd
97Python In A Nutshell – 3Rd Ed3Ranjit KumarSAGE publisher
98Research Methodology A Step By Step Guide For Beginners -4Th Ed2Springer
99Short Calculus1
100Standard Methods Of Biochemical Analysis10S. R. ThimmaiahKalyani Publishers
101Stem Cells: From Basic To Advanced Principles1Jack CollinsHayle Medical
102Structural Bionformatics1Gu, Jenny, Bourne, Philip E.Wiley-Blackwell
103Techniques And Methods In Biology5K. L. GhatakPrentice Hall India learning Private Limited
104The Dynamics Of Entrepreneurial Development And Management9Desai, V.Himalaya Pub. House
105The Metaboloc Pathways Engineering Handbook2Smolke, Christina D.CRC Press
106Water Quality Concepts, Sampling, And Analysis1Yuncong Li, Kati MigliaccioCRC press