Sophisticated Instrumentation Facility (SIF)

Welcome to services of SIF at SAST-GTU 

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Rules and regulations of services:

  1. No sample will be analyzed without advance payment.
  2. All concerned persons, research fellows and students are advised to send their application and sample through Supervisor or Head of Department. The request must be made only on University/College letterhead.
  3. Samples and payment should be sent preferably in the same cover. Separate samples should be sent for different analyses.
  4. The sample name/batch no./ Required analysis should be clearly mentioned on sample/requisition form.
  5. Sample preparation and method development will be charged extra, varies from material to material and method to method depending on the sample, if required so. Charges will be quoted on a case to case basis.
  6. The analytical data/ spectra are provided only for research/ development purposes. These cannot be used as certificates in legal disputes.
  7. Radioactive Material should be clearly mentioned and handed over personally.
  8. Unstable and explosive compounds are not accepted for analysis.
  9. Interpretation of results is not undertaken normally.
  10. It is also desirable that analysis work done using SAST-GTU facilities should be acknowledged in the publication/thesis.