Research Projects

Total Fund Received-4.5 Crore


Name of ProjectPrincipal InvestigatorCo-Principal InvestigatorSanctioned YearDurationSanctioned Amount (Rs. In Lakh)Funding Agency
Deep Ocean survey, taxonomy and ecosystem exploration (DOSTEE): Exploration of Deep Ocean treasure for Therapeutics and BioculesDr. Chandrashekar MootapallyDr. Neelam Nathani, Dr. Vaibhav Bhatt20242 Years104Ministry of Earth Science (MoES), Govt of India
An integrative multi omics approach to the identification of Oral cancer biomarker(s)Dr. Vaibhav Bhatt (Project Coordinator)
Dr. Anupama Modi
Dr. Dolatsinh Zala
Dr. Ramesh Pandit
20243 Years54GSBTM
Phage Isolation and Characterization from Gujarat State: A Strategic Approach to Building a Repository against ESKAPE Pathogens for future Biotherapy Development to Curb AMR
Dr. Dolatsinh ZalaDr. Rajesh Chaudhary
Dr. Anupama Modi
Dr. Kshipra Chauhan
20243 Years54GSBTM
Screening & optimization of nitrous oxide removing microbial Consortia for sustainable nitrous oxide bio filtration.Dr. Rajeshkumar G ChaudhariDr. Dolatsinh Zala20232 Years12Climate Change Department, GoG
Transcriptome analysis to understand the effect of Jiwaamrit on selected cropsDr. Ashish WarghaneDr. Vaibhav D. Bhatt,
Dr. B.A. Chopade
20233 Years45.85GSBTM
Natural farming vs conventional farming: understanding the translational dynamics of microbiome, drug and pesticide residues in animal productsDr. Neelam Nathani and Dr. SorathiyaDr. Chandrashekar Mootapally,
Dr. Gangaram, Dr. Vishal Suthar
20233 Years67GSBTM
Design & Development of fully integrated paper- fluidic DNA diagnostics chip for detection  of bacterial diseases.Dr. Alok PandyaDr. Vaibhav Bhatt20222 Years21.33GSBTM
Network program on antimicrobial resistance,superbugs and one healthDr. Chandrashekar MootapallyDr. Vaibhav Bhatt,
Dr. Neelam Nathani
20213 Years85GSBTM


Name of ProjectPrincipal InvestigatorCo-Principal InvestigatorSanctioned Year


Sanctioned Amount (Rs. In Lakh)Funding Agency
Isolation of Cellulolytic and Amylolytic Bacteria from Termite Gut for Industrial and Agricultural ApplicationMr. Gourav ShrimaliDr. Ashish Warghane20231 Years1SMS-GTU
Exploring the Biodiversity and potential of bacteria from oil exploration sites for pesticide degradationDr. Rajeshkumar G ChaudhariDr. Vaibhav D. Bhatt20231 Years1SMS-GTU
Investigating the role of gut bacteria in fecal incontinence among anorectal malformation patientsDr. Anupama ModiDr. Bhavin Parekh20231 Years1SMS-GTU
Exploring maternal metabolomics and metagenomics profiles in the etiology of Anorectal MalformationsDr. Bhavin ParekhDr. Anupama Modi20231 Years1SMS-GTU
Metagenomic analysis and identification of plant growth promoting Rhizobacteria (PGPRs) from mango orchards of Kutch –Gujarat.Dr. Maju ShriDr. Neelam Nathani20231 Years0.25SMS-GTU
Culturing and enhancement of Magnetotactic bacteria from Gulf of KhambatMs. Himanshi Katariya, M.Sc. II YearDr. Neelam Nathani, Ms. Riya Desai20231 Years0.25SMS-GTU
Unveiling the diversity of Vibrio Phages in Ahmedabad City: Isolation, Characterization and potential for phage therapyMr. Harsh C. Patel, M.Sc. II YearDr. Dolatsinh Zala20231 Years0.25SMS-GTU


Name of ProjectPrincipal InvestigatorCo-Principal InvestigatorSanctioned YearDurationSanctioned Amount (Rs. In Lakh)Funding Agency
Development and validation of rtPCR assay for detection of hepatitis B virus (HBV) – Contributing to Atmanirbhar Bharat in HBV diagnosis.Dr. Dolatsinh ZalaDr. Neelam Nathani20221 Years1SMS-GTU
Molecular identification of Hyalomma anatolicum ticks to map its genetic diversity in GujaratDr. Kshipra ChauhanDr. Vaibhav Bhatt20221 Years1SMS-GTU
Exploration of anti-inflammatory and hepatoprotective potential of Onosma bracteata wall – a controversial botanical source of ayurvedic medicine gojihvaMr.Udaykumar VegadDr. Vaibhav Bhatt20221 Years0.3SMS-GTU
Venom apparatus transcriptome of lionfish: Molecular sieving for potential drug candidatesDr. Chandrashekar MootapallyDr. Vaibhav Bhatt20211 Years1SMS-GTU