Research Scholars

PhD Research Fellows:

NamePhotoYear of RegistrationSupervisor NameWorking TitleEmail
Ms. Bhumika Bhatt2020Dr. Vaibhav BhattBiosynthesis of cellulolytic enzyme from bacterial isolate using various Agro- industrial
Mr. Saif Saad Fakhrulddin2021Dr. Vaibhav BhattIntelligent Air Pollution Prediction for Patient with Asthma Attack Based on Wireless Sensor
Ms. Pratiksha Nimbkar2021Dr. Vaibhav BhattValidation of the HIRISPLEX-S system for the Indian Population restricted to the Geographical area of
Ms. Bhumi Rajguru2021Dr. Vaibhav BhattInvestigation of microbial diversity in the rhizosphere of different plants to study its influence on crop
Ms. Nidhi Vyas2021Dr. Vaibhav BhattCulture Dependent and Culture Independent studies of Microbes involved in Biodegradation of
Mr. Gaurav Ramniklal Jadav2021Dr. Vaibhav BhattEffect Of Nanoparticles (Boron, Zinc, Manganese, Iron, Copper) Added Cow Dung On The Growth Of Peanut And Moong
Mr. Parth Prajapati2022Dr. Chandrashekar MootapallyCharacterization of sea snakes venom for development of potential therapeutic
Mr. Priyank Chavda2022Dr. Neelam NathaniUnravelling the complexity of small ruminant microbiota: Insights into microbial diversity, their gene function, and key
Ms. Riya Desai2022Dr. Neelam NathaniMolecular diversity and characterization of magnetotactic bacteria from vertical deep sediments across the Gulf of
Mr. Kartik Chauhan2022Dr. Dolatsinh ZalaDesign and development of clean work environment device for microbial control with enhanced utility for laboratory
Ms. Purva Gohil2022Dr. Chandrashekar MootapallyAmeliorating antimicrobial drug resistance and augmenting of fertility through probiotics microbiome intervention in postpartum
Mr. Tejas Shah2022Dr. Vaibhav BhattRole of transcriptional condensate in cardiovascular development and
Mr. Nitin Shukla2022Dr. Chandrashekar MootapallyDevelopment of an automated transcriptome analysis model for Prognosis and Progression in Oral
Mr. Mayur Mahajan2022Dr. Neelam NathaniUnderstanding the domino effect of selectively induced stress on holobiont of seaweeds under the genus


NamePhotoMentorProject TitleFunding AgencyEmail
Dr. Manju ShriProf.(Dr.) Vaibhav D. BhattComparative metagenome analysis of the mango orchads from Navsari, Gir-Talala and Kutch region of GujaratGujarat Technological

Project Fellows:

NamePhotoInvestigatorProject TitleFunding AgencyEmail
Mr. Parth Prajapati (JRF)Dr. Chandrashekar MootapallyNetwork Program on Antimicrobial Resistance, Superbugs, and One Health: Environment NodeGSBTM, Dst,
Ms. Devanshi Desai (JRF)Dr. Chandrashekar MootapallyNetwork Program on Antimicrobial Resistance, Superbugs, and One Health: Environment NodeGSBTM, Dst,
Ms. Thakkar Jigisha (JRF)Dr. Ashish WarghaneNatural Farming of JiwaamritGSBTM, Dst,
Dr. Savita Pathak ( JRF)Dr. Neelam NathaniNatural Farming vs Conventional Farming: Understanding the tranlational Dynamics of Microbiome, Drug and Pesticide residues in Animal ProductsGSBTM, Dst,