M. Sc. Industrial Biotechnology

Industrial biotechnology or White Biotechnology is the application of enzymes, living cells, plants and microorganism-based biotechnological techniques for the production of chemical products, materials and fuels. Several industrial sectors, including chemical and pharmaceutical, human and animal nutrition, pulp and paper, textiles, energy, materials, and polymers, apply industrial biotechnological techniques to deliver end products.

The PG program is designed to cater to the need of the ever-evolving biotechnology industry including chemical and pharmaceutical, food ingredients, human and animal nutrition, health, pulp and paper, polymers, textiles, energy, materials, etc. These industries require professionals in several job profiles like Trainee Research Associate, Research Associate, Research Scientist, Managers, and Business Development Executive, etc. Students graduating with MSc. Industrial Biotechnology will be able to successfully seize these roles because of their competitive and advanced skills learned in the program.

Programme Outcomes (POs)

  • The students will be able to generate ideas for research, analyze them, execute them and publish the findings.
  • Having an ability to design a component or a product applying all the relevant standards and with realistic constraints, including public health, safety, culture, society and environment.
  • Having an ability to design and conduct experiments, as well as to analyze and interpret data, and synthesis of information
  • Having an ability to use techniques, skills, resources and modern industrial and BT tools necessary for industrial requirements.
  • Having problem solving ability- to assess social issues (societal, health, safety, legal and cultural) and technological problems.
  • Having adaptive thinking and adaptability in relation to industry context and sustainable product development.
  • Having a clear understanding of professional and ethical responsibility.

Programme Specific Outcomes (PSOs)

  • Acquire students with skills in Biotechnology and provide solutions through industry-academia interface.
  • Empower the students to be effective entrepreneurs and excellent researchers to invent unique products for societal need with proper ethical statutes.
  • Ability to independently carry out research and development work to solve practical problems in the domain of biotechnology.
  • Ability to apply knowledge of basic sciences and apply for getting solutions to issues pertaining Biotechnology, Biochemical, Biopharmaceutical and allied industries.
  • Ability to acquaint with the latest development in different fields of industrial biotechnology to enable them to take up higher studies, research & developmental work.