Since its establishment, the Faculties and Staff of the School have contributed excellently in the field of research and their efforts are evident on the basis of the research articles published in the high impact factor journals.

Sr. No.TitleJournalYearImpact FactorAuthors
1Antiplasmodial and Cytotoxic Activities of two Euphorbiaceae Family Plants, Euphorbia hirta and Euphorbia thymifoliaCurrent Bioactive Compounds20221.309J Vadalia, J Sanandia, V.D. Bhatt, N Sheth
2Design and synthesis of novel imidazolidine-2, 4-dione derivatives as InhA inhibitors: Spectral characterization, computational, and biological studiesMaterials Today: Proceedings20221.42T Patel, N Chauhan, V.D. Bhatt, B S Bhatt
3Synthetic approach toward spiro quinoxaline-β-lactam based heterocyclic compounds: Spectral characterization, SAR, pharmacokinetic and biomolecular interaction studiesJournal of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics20225.235R.A. Dabhi, M.P. Dhaduk, V.D. Bhatt, B.S. Bhatt
4Palladium(II)-quinoxaline based complexes: DNA/BSA binding, DFT, docking and anticancer activityMaterials Today: Proceedings20221.42M.P. Dhaduk, R.A. Dabhi, B.S. Bhatt, V.D. Bhatt, M.N. Patel
5A review on touch DNA collection, extraction, amplification, analysis and determination of phenotypeForensic Science International20222.676P.H. Nimbkar and V.D. Bhatt
6Lung cancer targeting efficiency of Silibinin loaded Poly Caprolactone /Pluronic F68 Inhalable nanoparticles: In vitro and In vivo studyPlosOne20223.752P. Patel, M. Raval, A. Manvar, V. Airao, V.D. Bhatt, P. Shah
7Distinct gut and vaginal microbiota profile in women with recurrent implantation failure and unexplained infertilityBMC Women’s Health20222.742N Patel, N Patel, S Pal, N M Nathani, R Pandit, M Patel, N Patel, C Joshi, B Parekh
8Vaginal dysbiotic microbiome in women with no symptoms of genital infectionsFrontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology20226.073R Pramanick, N M Nathani, H Warke, N M, C Aranha
9Typhoid Outbreak during the Pandemic of COVID-19 : A ReportJournal of the Indian Medical Association20220.03V Khan, D B Zala, A A Sanghai, V K Das
10Tech-Startup Ecosystem of the Current New WorldYojana2022NAD B Zala
11Silibinin loaded inhalable solid lipid nanoparticles for lung targetingJournal of Microencapsulation20223.142P Patel, M Raval, V Airao, V.D. Bhatt, P Shah
12Meglumine-Promoted Eco-Compatible Pseudo-Three-Component Reaction for the Synthesis of 1, 1-Dihomoarylmethane Scaffolds and Their Green CredentialsACS omega20224.132M S Patel, J N Parekh, D D Chudasama, H C Patel, P Dalwadi, A Kunjadiya, V.D. Bhatt, K R Ram
13Computational And Biological Studies Of Platinum (II) Complex Of Tryptathrin Schiff BaseResearch Square20221.309MP Dhaduk, RA Dabhi, BS Bhatt, V.D. Bhatt, MN Patel
14Green approach for the synthesis of novel spiro quinoxaline-pyrimidone based heterocyclic compounds as anticancer agentsMaterials Today: Proceedings20221.42RA Dabhi, MP Dhaduk, V.D. Bhatt, BS Bhatt
15Mushrooms of GujaratSpringer Nature2022Book ChapterM Joshi, P Bhargava, M Bhatt, S Kadri, M Shri, CG Joshi
16Biomarkers of arsenic stress in plantsNew Paradigms in Environmental Biomonitoring Using Plants2022Book ChapterPK Singh, S Dubey, M Shri, S Dwivedi, D Chakrabarty, RD Tripathi
17Chilli leaf curl disease: an Indian scenarioIndian Phytopathology20220.458S Misal, A Warghane, G Patil
18Mycology: Current and Future Developments – Sustainable Utilization of Fungi in Agriculture and Industry.Microbiome perspective: Cross- disciplinary exploitations of chitinases2022Book ChapterA Warghane Rekadwad B, Gonzalez JM, Shah S, Suryavanshi MV, Khobragade CN
19In silico Molecular Characterization of Helicobacter pylori based on Tandem Repeat Number and 16S rRNA geneEURASIAN JOURNAL OF MEDICAL ADVANCES20221.132AS Mondal, R Sharma, A Das, A Warghane
20Growth Differentiation Factor-15 as a candidate biomarker in gynecologic malignancies: A meta-analysisCancer Investigation20222.176D Roy, A Modi, P Purohit, M Khokhar, M Goyal, S Sharma, P Setia, A Facciorusso, P Sharma
21Visceral Adipose Tissue Molecular Networks and Regulatory microRNA in Pediatric Obesity: An In Silico ApproachInternational Journal of Molecular Sciences 20226.208D Roy, A Modi, R Ghosh, R Ghosh, J Benito-León
22ABC transporters in breast cancer: their roles in multidrug resistance and beyondJournal of Drug Targeting20225.121A Modi, D Roy, S Sharma, J R Vishnoi, P Pareek, P Elhence, P Sharma, P Purohit
23W215 Peripheral blood microrna 181b-5p and its target gene prediction in obese individuals with insulin resistanceClinica Chimica Acta20226.314D Roy, P Purohit, A Modi, M Khokhar, R Shukla, P Sharma
24T049 Role of GDF-15, ABCC5 and FOXM1 in the advancement of breast cancer stage and drug resistanceClinica Chimica Acta20226.314A Modi, P Purohit, D Roy, JR Vishnoi, P Pareek, P Elhence, S Sharma, P Sharma
25T153 Correlation analysis of serum GDF-15, miR 21 and SMAD7 in obese pre-diabetics and type 2 diabetics at a tertiary care centre of IndiaClinica Chimica Acta20226.314P Purohit, D Roy, M Khokar, A Modi, R Shukla, P Sharma
26T194 Peripheral blood Smad7 and miR-181b-5p possibly regulate insulin resistance in type 2 diabetesClinica Chimica Acta20226.314P Purohit, D Roy, A Modi, R Shukla, P Sharma
27Serial estimation of gene expression of cardiac troponin I (cTnI) and autophagy gene HMGB1 to determine postmortem intervalForensic Science International: Genetics20224.882S Thakral, P Setia, A Modi, R Mishra, V Meshram, A Sinha, Purvi Purohit
28FOXM1 mediates GDF-15 dependent stemness and intrinsic drug resistance in breast cancerMolecular Biology Reports 20222.742A Modi, P Purohit, D Roy, J R Vishnoi, P Pareek, P Elhence, P Singh, S Sharma, P Sharma, S Misra
29A clinical and in-silico study of MicroRNA-21 and growth differentiation factor-15 expression in pre-diabetes, type 2 diabetes and diabetic nephropathy.Minerva Endocrinology20223.757R G Agarwal, M Khokhar, P Purohit, A Modi, N K Bajpai, G K Bohra, M K Garg, P Sharma
30In-Silico Analysis of Differentially Expressed Genes and Their Regulating microRNA Involved in Lymph Node Metastasis in Invasive Breast CarcinomaCancer Investigation20222.368A Modi, P Purohit, A Gadwal, S Ukey, D Roy, S Fernandes, M Banerjee
32Growth differentiation factor-15 as a biomarker of obese pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes mellitus in Indian subjects: a case-control studyCurrent Diabetes Reviews20228.128D Roy, P Purohit, A Modi, M Khokhar, R KG Shukla, R Chaudhary, S Sankanagoudar, P Sharma
33Effect of different pre-treatments on seed germination and seedling growth of Adenanthera pavoninaResearch on Crops20221.383K. Joshi, P Kotadiya, A. Singh, G. Shrimali, E. Rami
34Key Concepts in BiologyKey Concepts in Biology2022Book ChapterE. Rami, G Shrimali
35Fungi with high ability to crunch multiple Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) from the pelagic sediments of Gulfs of GujaratMarine Pollution Bulletin20217.001M Mahajan; D Manek; N Vora; R Kothari; C Mootapally *; N M Nathani *
36Lycopene loaded polymeric nanoparticles for Prostate cancer treatment: Formulation, optimization using Box-behnken design and cytotoxicity studies.Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology20215.062A Goswami, N Patel, V.D. Bhatt, M Raval, M Kundariya, N Sheth
37Novel Silibinin Loaded Chitosan-Coated PLGA/PCL Nanoparticles Based Inhalation Formulations with Improved Cytotoxicity and Bioavailability for Lung CancerBionanoscience20212.305M Raval, P Patel, V Airao, V.D. Bhatt, N Seth
38Evolutionary and Antigenic Profiling of the Tendentious D614G Mutation on SARS-CoV-2 in Gujarat, IndiaFrontiers in Genetics20214.772J Nimavat, C Mootapally, N M Nathani, D Dave, M N. Kher, M S. Mahajan, C G. Joshi and V.D. Bhatt
39Heteroleptic C, N-Donor Pd (II) Complexes: Synthesis, Characterisation, DNA/BSA Binding Interactions and Biological StudiesResearch Square2021NAN J Patel, M P Dhaduk, R A Dhabi, B S Bhatt, V.D. Bhatt, M N Patel
40309 metagenome assembled microbial genomes from deep sediment samples in the Gulfs of Kathiawar PeninsulaScientific Data20218.501N M Nathani, K J. Dave, P P. Vatsa, M S. Mahajan, P Sharma, C Mootapally
41In vitro Maturation of Buffalo Oocytes and Expression of Selected Biomarker Candidate GenesIndian Journal of Animal Research20210.427S Doultani, V S Suthar, C Mootapally, N M Nathani, M Joshi, D Patil, C Joshi
42Viral footprints across Gulfs of Kathiawar Peninsula and Arabian Sea: unraveled from metagenomics dataVirus Research20216.286N M Nathani; P P Vatsa; M S Mahajan; C Mootapally
43Six-Year study on peripheral venous catheter–associated BSI rates in 262 ICUs in eight countries of South-East Asia: International Nosocomial Infection Control Consortium findingsThe journal of vascular access20212.326D B Zala
44Analysis of the risk factors in SARS-CoV-2: gender and ageInternational Journal of Community Medicine and Public Health2021NAA A Sanghai, V Khan, D B Zala, V K Das
45Emergency medical response services in the union territory of Dadra and Nagar Haveli, India.International Journal of Health & Allied Sciences2021NAV Khan, A Sanghai, D B Zala, V Das
46MicroRNA mediated regulation of gene expression in response to heavy metals in plantsCellular & Molecular Biology Letters20215.787S Dubey, M Shri, D Chakrabarty
47CRISPR-Cas9 Approaches to Enhance Contents of Plant Secondary MetabolitesBiotechnological Approaches to Enhance Plant Secondary Metabolites2021Book ChapterR Rajyaguru, N Maheshala, C Mootapally, N M Nathani, R Tomar, H Bhalani, P Sharma
48Bioremediation Markers in Marine EnvironmentMarine Microbial Bioremediation2021Book ChapterA Mitra, N M Nathani, C Mootapally
49130 Expression of selected biomarker candidate genes to confer in vitro maturation in Indian buffaloesReproduction, Fertility and Development 20211.973S Doultani, C Mootapally, N M Nathani, V Suthar, H Highland, D Patil, M Joshi, C Joshi
50In-Silico analysis reveals lower transcription efficiency of C241T variant of SARS-CoV-2 with host replication factors MADP1 and hnRNP-1Informatics in medicine unlocked20213.373A Chaudhari, M Chaudhari, S Mahera, Z Saiyed, N M Nathani, S Shukla, D Patel, C Patel, M Joshi, C G Joshi
51In silico characterisation of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV-2) based on the spike protein geneEurasian Journal of Medicine and Oncology20210.2A Warghane, T Petkar, S Usha Preeyaa, N Kumari, L Ranjan
52A rapid and sensitive reverse transcription–loop-mediated isothermal amplification (RT-LAMP) assay for the detection of Indian Citrus Ringspot VirusPlant Disease20214.614A D Kokane, S B Kokane, A Warghane, M G Gubyad, A Kumar Sharma, M K Reddy, D K Ghosh
53Development of a real-time RT-PCR method for the detection of Citrus tristeza virus (CTV) and its implication in studying virus distribution in planta3 Biotech20213.446S B Kokane, P Misra, A D Kokane, M G Gubyad, A Warghane, D Surwase, M K Reddy, D K Ghosh
54Microrna 21 emerging role in diabetic complications: a critical updateCurrent diabetes reviews20218.128D Roy, A Modi, M Khokhar, S Sankanagoudar, D Yadav, S Sharma, P Purohit, P Sharma
55Analysis of Serum Growth Differentiation Factor-15 in Progression of Breast Cancer in Type II Diabetes Mellitus PatientsMetabolism-Clinical and Experimental202113.93A Modi, D Roy, P Purohit, P Pareek, J Vishnoi
56Differential Circulating miRNA Reveal Potential Biomarkers and Therapeutic Targets for Progression from Prediabetes to Type 2 Diabetes MellitusMetabolism-Clinical and Experimental202113.93D Roy, A Modi, P Purohit
57Circulating and visceral adipose tissue miR-330-3p is associated with insulin resistance in Type II Diabetes MellitusMetabolism-Clinical and Experimental202113.93P Purohit, D Roy, A Modi, R Choudhary, RP Shukla, P Sharma
58Interactome Profile of Visceral Adipose Tissue in Obesity Links Key Genes to Cancer PathogenesisJournal of the Endocrine Society20215.051D Roy, A Modi, P Purohit
59In-Silico Analysis of Key Regulatory Pathways and Hub Genes From Peripheral Blood in Type 2 Diabetes MellitusJournal of the Endocrine Society20215.051P Purohit, D Roy, A Modi
60A clinical and in-silico analysis of hsa-miR-21 and Growth Differentiation factor-15 expression in Diabetic NephropathyResearch square2021NAR G Agarwal, M Khokhar, P Purohit, A Modi, N K Bajpai, G K Bohra, M K Garg, P Sharma
61Leptin DNA Methylation and Its Association with Metabolic Risk Factors in a Northwest Indian Obese PopulationJournal of Obesity & Metabolic Syndrome2021NAA Modi, M Khokhar, P Sharma, R Joshi, S S Mishra, Rajay N Bharshankar, S Tiwari, P K Singh, V V Bhosale, M P S Negi
62A combined analysis of serum Growth Differentiation Factor-15 and Cancer Antigen 15-3 enhances the diagnostic efficiency in breast cancerEJIFCC20212.97A Modi, P Purohit, A Gadwal, D Roy, S Fernandes, J R Vishnoi, P Pareek, P Elhence, S Misra, P Sharma
63CRISPR/Cas-new molecular scissors in diagnostics and therapeutics of COVID-19Indian Journal of Clinical Biochemistry 20211.338A Gadwal, D Roy, M Khokhar, A Modi, P Sharma, P Purohit
64A clinical and in-silico study exploring the association of CASP-3, NF-kB, miR-187, and miR-146 in pre-eclampsiaHypertension in Pregnancy20212.698C Sharma, P Purohit, M Khokhar, A Modi, P Singh, S Shekhar, S Sharma, M Gothwal, P Sharma
65Critical appraisal of epigenetic regulation of galectins in cancerInternational journal of clinical oncology20213.85A Gadwal, A Modi, M Khokhar, J R Vishnoi, R Choudhary, P Elhence, M Banerjee, P Purohit
66Correlation of hsa miR-101-5p and hsa miR-155-3p Expression With c-Fos in Patients of Oral Submucous Fibrosis (OSMF) and Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma (OSCC)Journal of Maxillofacial and Oral Surgery2021NAA Chugh, P Purohit, J R Vishnoi, A Kaur, A Modi, S Mishra, P Sharma, M S Rodha, P Pareek, S Bhattacharya, PG Gigi
67Novel Silibinin Loaded Chitosan-Coated PLGA/PCL Nanoparticles Based Inhalation Formulations with Improved Cytotoxicity and Bioavailability for Lung CancerBioNanoScience20202.305M.K. Raval, P.V. Patel, V. Airao, V.D. Bhatt, N.R. Sheth
68Metagenomic dataset on lichen Dirinaria sp. from the Great Rann of Kutch and tropical moist deciduous Dang forest of GujaratData in Brief20201.38A Puvar, C Mootapally, C Joshi, M Joshi
69Development and Validation of Stability Indicating Chromatographic Methods for Determination of Azilsartan Medoxomil in Pharmaceutical FormationAnalytical Chemistry Letters20202.329M.N. Kher, V.D. Bhatt, A. Jani, N.R. Sheth
70Sediment plasmidome of the Gulfs of Kathiawar Peninsula and Arabian Sea: Insights gained from metagenomics dataMicrobial ecology20204.192C Mootapally, Mayur S Mahajan, N M Nathani
71Living soil of fifty-year-old saw mill: Dawn bioresource with differential hydrolytic potentialsEcological Genetics and Genomics20202.3N P P Pabbathi, C Mootapally, A Velidandi, K Dave, N M Nathani, R R Baadhe
72International Nosocomial Infection Control Consortium (INICC) report, data summary of 45 countries for 2012-2017: Device-associated moduleAmerican journal of infection control20204.303D B Zala
73Six-year multicenter study on short-term peripheral venous catheters-related bloodstream infection rates in 204 intensive care units of 57 hospitals in 19 cities of India: International Nosocomial Infection Control Consortium (INICC) findingsAmerican journal of infection control20204.303D B Zala
74Antiplasmodial Potential of Traditional Phytotherapy of Some Remedies Used in The Treatment of Malaria in IndiaCurrent Bioactive Compounds20201.309N Sheth, J Vadalia, J Sanandia, V.D. Bhatt
75Marine Extremophiles: Adaptations and Biotechnological ApplicationsEncyclopedia of Marine Biotechnology 2020Book ChapterPJ Shukla, V.D. Bhatt, J Suriya, C Mootapally
76Nature tourism in Garhwal Himalaya: Analyzing the local stakeholders’ perception of the benefits of the tourism IndustryAfrican Journal of Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure20200.82V.D. Bhatt, SP Bhartiya
77Environmental Metabolomics: With the Perspective of Marine Toxicology AssessmentEnvironmental Biotechnology20201.89NPP Pabbathi, N M Nathani, IR Gadhvi, C Mootapally
78Marine Niche: Applications in Pharmaceutical SciencesSpringer2020Book ChapterN M Nathani, C Mootapally, IR Gadhvi, B Maitreya, CG Joshi
79Advancements in Bioinformatics and Role in Marine Genomics and MetagenomicsEncyclopedia of Marine Biotechnology2020Book ChapterN M Nathani, A Mitra, C Mootapally, RK Kothari
80Role of Metagenomics in Exploring Marine Microbiomes: Current Status and ImplicationsEncyclopedia of Marine Biotechnology 2020Book ChapterC Mootapally, N M Nathani, S Solomon, B Subramanian, IR Gadhvi
81Microbial Omics: Role in Ecological Studies and Environmental Control MeasuresEnvironmental Biotechnology20201.89N M Nathani, RH Rajyaguru, PNP Prashanth, C Mootapally, BP Dave
82Bacterial line of defense in Dirinaria lichen from two different ecosystems: first genomic insights of its mycobiont Dirinaria sp. GBRC AP01Microbiological research20205.415A C Puvar, N M Nathani, I Shaikh, A D Bhatt, P Bhargava, C G Joshi, M N Joshi
83Development of reverse transcription duplex PCR (RT-d-PCR) for simultaneous detection of the citrus tristeza virus and Indian citrus ringspot virusInternational Journal of Innovative Horticulture2020NAA Kokane, K Lawrence, D Surwase, P Misra A Warghane, DK Ghosh
84Molecular detection and coat protein gene based characterization of Citrus tristeza virus prevalent in Sikkim state of IndiaIndian Phytopathology20200.458A Warghane, A Kokane, S Kokane, M Motghare, D Surwase, S P Chodhury, K K Biswas, D K Ghosh
85Pseudomonas: The multifaceted BacteriaAgriculture and Food: E Newsletter2020NAS Sharma A Warghane, T Rajguru
86In-silico characterization and RNA-binding protein based polyclonal antibodies production for detection of citrus tristeza virusMolecular and cellular probes20202.365S B Kokane, A D Kokane, P Misra, A Warghane, P Kumar, M G Gubyad, A K Sharma, K K Biswas, D K Ghosh
87Recent Developments in Synthetic Biology ToolboxEngineering of Microbial Biosynthetic Pathways20209.783PP Vatsa, M Shri, P Bhargava, CG Joshi, M Joshi
88Microbial Production of Industrial Proteins and Enzymes Using Metabolic EngineeringEngineering of Microbial Biosynthetic Pathways20209.783P Doshi, M Shri, P Bhargava, CG Joshi, M Joshi
89Mechanisms of Arsenic Hyperaccumulation by PlantsPlant Ecophysiology and Adaptation under Climate Change: Mechanisms and Perspectives II2020Book ChapterM Shri, D Chakrabarty, G Verma
90Optimising total RNA quality and quantity by phenol-chloroform extraction method from human visceral adipose tissue: A standardisation studyMethodsX20201.837D Roy, S Tomo, A Modi, P Purohit, P Sharma
91Perspectives on the role of PTEN in diabetic nephropathy: an updateCritical reviews in clinical laboratory sciences20206.25M Khokhar, D Roy, A Modi, R Agarwal, D Yadav, P Purohit, P Sharma
92Acute kidney injury in COVID 19–an update on pathophysiology and management modalitiesArchives of physiology and biochemistry20204.076M Khokhar, P Purohit, D Roy, S Tomo, A Gadwal, A Modi, M Banerjee, P Sharma
93Antibiotic Resistome Biomarkers associated to the Pelagic Sediments of the Gulfs of Kathiawar Peninsula and Arabian SeaScientific Reports20194.996C Mootapally, N M Nathani, P Poriya, J Dhabi, I Balem, I R Gadhvi, C G Joshi
94Antibiotic resistance genes allied to the pelagic sediment microbiome in the Gulf of Khambhat and Arabian SeaScience of The Total Environment201910.753N M Nathani, C Mootapally, BP Dave
95Recent advances in arsenic metabolism in plants: current status, challenges and highlighted biotechnological intervention to reduce grain arsenic in riceMetallomics20194.636M Shri, P K Singh, M Kidwai, N Gautam, S Dubey, G Verma, D Chakrabarty
94Introduction of Community-Based Nature Tourism (CBNT) Planning and Management: with Special Reference to the Garhwal Himalayan Region of UttarakhandSustainable Tourism Development20197.968SP Bhartiya, S Singh, V.D. Bhatt
97In Vitro Antibacterial Evaluation of Terminalia chebula as an Alternative of Antibiotics against Bovine Subclinical MastitisAnimal biotechnology20192.282MN Kher, NR Sheth, V.D. Bhatt
98Citrus Tristeza Virus- The destroyer of citrus plantAGRICULTURE & FOOD: e- Newsletter2019NAA Warghane
99First report of a ‘Candidatus Phytoplasma cynodontis’-related strain (group 16SrXIV) associated with Huanglongbing disease on Citrus grandisAustralasian Plant Disease Notes20191.05D. K. Ghosh, M. Motghare, A. Kokane, S. Kokane, A Warghane, S. Bhose, D. Surwase, M. S. Ladaniya
100Recent advances in arsenic metabolism in plants: current status, challenges and highlighted biotechnological intervention to reduce grain arsenic in riceMetallomics20194.526M Shri, P K Singh, M Kidwai, N Gautam, S Dubey, G Verma, D Chakrabarty
101A pilot study of micro RNA21-5P as a potential biomarker in obese pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes mellitusClinica Chimica Acta20196.314P Purohit, D Roy, A Modi, P Sharma, R Shukla
102Growth differentiation factor 15 and its role in carcinogenesis: an updateGrowth factors 20192.394A Modi, S Dwivedi, D Roy, M Khokhar, P Purohit, J Vishnoi, P Pareek, S Sharma, P Sharma, S Misra
103DNA Virome: Sequencing and Data Analysis of Viral Metagenome of Poultry Suffering from Respiratory DiseasesThe Indian Journal of Veterinary Sciences & Biotechnology2018NAM.R. Sajnani, D. Sudarsanam, S.J. Jakhesara, S. Solosanc, C.G. Joshi and V.D. Bhatt
104Metagenomic data of DNA viruses of poultry affected with respiratory tract infectionData in Brief20181.38M.R. Sajnani, D. Sudarsanam, R.J. Pandit, T.G. Oza, A.T. Hinsu, S. J. Jakhesara, S. Solosanc, C.G. Joshi, V.D. Bhatt
105Viral Metagenomics of chickens with respiratory infection using MG-RASTThe Indian Journal of Veterinary Sciences & Biotechnology2018NAM.R. Sajnani, D. Sudarsanam, S.J. Jakhesara, S. Solosanc, C.G. Joshi and V.D. Bhatt
106In vitro Primary culturing of Cells and Explant Tissue of Conus cumingii Venom Duct: Cytotoxicity Assessment of their Culture Supernatant on HEK 293TIndian Journal of Geo-marine Science20180.553 (2021)M.S. Viswanathan, M. Chandra Shekar, Sabapathi
107Isolation, characterization and growth response study of chlorpyrifos utilizing soil bacterium Pseudomonas putida JR16Indian Journal of Agricultural Research20180.258JK  Rank, NM  Nathani, AT  Hinsu, AU  Joshi, M Chandrashekar, RK  Kothari
108In Vitro Antibacterial Evaluation of Terminalia chebula as an Alternative of Antibiotics against Bovine Subclinical MastitisAnimal Biotechnology20182.141M.N. Kher, N.R. Sheth, V.D. Bhatt
109A case of Chromobacterium violaceumJournal of Microbiology and Infectious Diseases20182.05D B. Zala, V Khan, A A Sanghai, M Vohra, V. K. Das
110Leptospirosis in the Union Territory of Dadra & Nagar Haveli, IndiaIndian Journal of Public Health Research & Development20180.261DB Zala, V Khan, S Dalai, VK Das
111Population ecology of Hyalomma anatolicum anatolicum (Acari: Ixodidae) in cattle of UT of Dadra & Nagar Haveli, IndiaIndian Vet. J2018216A A Sanghai, A Drago, DB Zala, V Khan, VK Das
112Circulation of dengue serotypes in the Union Territory of Dadra & Nagar Haveli (India)Parasite epidemiology and control20184DB Zala, V Khan, M Kakadiya, A A Sanghai, VK Das
113Leptospira in the different ecological niches of the tribal union territory of IndiaThe Journal of Infection in Developing Countries20182.512D B Zala, V Khan, A A Sanghai, S K Dalai, VK Das
114Toxicity and detoxifcation of heavy metals during plant growth and metabolismEnvironmental Chemistry Letters201813.615S Dubey, M Shri, A Gupta, V Rani, D Chakrabarty
115Ecotourism as an activity for sustaining livelihood opportunities for the local communities in uttarakhand himalayasSouth Asian Journal for Tourism and Heritage20181.42N Mishra, J Bhatt, V.D. Bhatt
116Impacts of Nature Tourism in a Destination: A case study of Bhilangana Valley in Garhwal HimalayaSouth Asian Journal for Tourism and Heritage20181.42V.D. Bhatt, SP Bhartiya, R Dhodi, RK Dhodi
117An insight of biological databases used in bioinformaticsCurrent Trends in Bioinformatics: An Insight20183.543V.D. Bhatt, M Patel, CG Joshi
118Comprehensive Exploration of the Rumen Microbial Ecosystem With Advancements in MetagenomicsMetagenomics20185.45R K Kothari, NM Nathani, C Mootapally, J K Rank, H B Gosai, B P Dave, C G Joshi
119Molecular detection and characterization of Citrus tristeza virus and “ Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus ” related with citrus decline in IndiaPLoS One20183.752A Warghane
120Quantitative distribution of Citrus yellow mosaic badnavirus in sweet orange (Citrus sinensis) and its implication in developing disease diagnosticsJournal of virological methods20182.014M Motghare, A K Dhar, A Kokane, A Warghane, S Kokane, A K Sharma, M K Reddy, D K Ghosh
121Antimicrobial nano-zinc oxide-2S albumin protein formulation significantly inhibits growth of “Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus” in plantaPLoS One20183.752D K Ghosh, S Kokane, P Kumar, A Ozcan,A Warghane, M Motghare, SSantra, A K Sharma
122The analysis of subtle internal communications through mutation studies in periplasmic metal uptake protein CLas-ZnuA2Journal of Structural Biology20182.867Gunja Saini, N Sharma, V Dalal,A Warghane, D K Ghosh, P Kumar, A K Sharma
123Development of a recombinase polymerase based isothermal amplification combined with lateral flow assay (HLB-RPA-LFA) for rapid detection of “Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus”PLoS One20183.752M. K Reddy D Kumar GhoshID, S B Kokane, A D Kokane, A Warghane, M R. Motghare, S Bhose, AK Sharma
124Metagenomic approach to study the bacterial community in clinical and subclinical mastitis in buffaloMeta Gene20170.536R. Patel, R. Pandit, V.D. Bhatt, P.D. Kunjadia, D.S. Nauriyal, P.G. Koringa, C.G. Joshi, A.P. Kunjadia
125RNA-Seq reveals the molecular mechanism of trapping and killing of root-knot nematodes by nematode-trapping fungiWorld Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology20174.253(2021)R. Pandit, R. Patel, N. Patel, V.D. Bhatt, C Joshi, PK Singh and A. Kunjadia
126Epidemiology and fatal outcomes of snakebite in the union territory of Dadra and Nagar HaveliInternational journal of medical science and public health2017NAV. Khan, D. B. Zala, M Kakadiya, V. Das
127Evaluation of a topical herbal drug for its in-vivo immunological effect on cytokines production and antibacterial activity in bovine subclinical mastitisCanadian Journal of Biotechnology2017M Kher, V.D. Bhatt, N Sheth, A Kunjadia, D Nauriyal, C Joshi
128Advancements in Molecular Techniques and Bioinformatics for Understanding the Rumen MicrobiomeUnderstanding Host-Microbiome Interactions – An Omics Approach2017Book ChapterNM Nathani, AK Patel, C Mootapally, RK Kothari, CG Joshi
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