PG Diploma in Biomedical Technology

India needs to pioneer home-grown medical technology that is not only frugal, simple, robust, and reliable but also fits well even in the clinical setting of small villages. In view of this, GTU has developed a new postgraduate diploma in Biomedical Technology program that imparts multidisciplinary knowledge and practical skills to science graduates, thus readying and inspiring them to take up the exciting challenge.

Eligibility: This course is open to science graduates (with >45% marks) of any stream including, engineers, physiotherapists, clinicians, and basic science students.

Pedagogy: Practical-based learning

Duration and cost: 1 year, (Two Semesters)

Fees:INR 12,500 fees per semester

Campus: GTU Chandkheda Ahmedabad

The Biomedical Technology program aims to impart students with :

Skills to recognise, formulate and solve biomedical problems by applying principles of engineering and science

Ability to apply technology to produce solutions that solve biomedical problems with consideration of safety, reliability and simplicity

Skills to communicate effectively with multidisciplinary experts  including clinicians

An ability to be a team worker as well as an independent thinker Skills to design and execute experiments, analyze and interpret data An ability to quickly learn and apply new techniques

Employment opportunities

Exciting employment opportunities await the students of the program.

This includes a career in :

Design of Biomedical devices Manufacturing of instruments and devices Consulting

Employment in hospitals as a biomedical technologist

Safety officer in medical device regulatory agencies or comapnies Having your own startup