2020 Publications

TitleJournalYearImpact FactorAuthors
Novel Silibinin Loaded Chitosan-Coated PLGA/PCL Nanoparticles Based Inhalation Formulations with Improved Cytotoxicity and Bioavailability for Lung CancerBioNanoScience20202.305M.K. Raval, P.V. Patel, V. Airao, V.D. Bhatt, N.R. Sheth
Metagenomic dataset on lichen Dirinaria sp. from the Great Rann of Kutch and tropical moist deciduous Dang forest of GujaratData in Brief20201.38A Puvar, C Mootapally, C Joshi, M Joshi
Development and Validation of Stability Indicating Chromatographic Methods for Determination of Azilsartan Medoxomil in Pharmaceutical FormationAnalytical Chemistry Letters20202.329M.N. Kher, V.D. Bhatt, A. Jani, N.R. Sheth
Sediment plasmidome of the Gulfs of Kathiawar Peninsula and Arabian Sea: Insights gained from metagenomics dataMicrobial ecology20204.192C Mootapally, Mayur S Mahajan, N M Nathani
Living soil of fifty-year-old saw mill: Dawn bioresource with differential hydrolytic potentialsEcological Genetics and Genomics20202.3N P P Pabbathi, C Mootapally, A Velidandi, K Dave, N M Nathani, R R Baadhe
International Nosocomial Infection Control Consortium (INICC) report, data summary of 45 countries for 2012-2017: Device-associated moduleAmerican journal of infection control20204.303D B Zala
Six-year multicenter study on short-term peripheral venous catheters-related bloodstream infection rates in 204 intensive care units of 57 hospitals in 19 cities of India: International Nosocomial Infection Control Consortium (INICC) findingsAmerican journal of infection control20204.303D B Zala
Antiplasmodial Potential of Traditional Phytotherapy of Some Remedies Used in The Treatment of Malaria in IndiaCurrent Bioactive Compounds20201.309N Sheth, J Vadalia, J Sanandia, V.D. Bhatt
Marine Extremophiles: Adaptations and Biotechnological ApplicationsEncyclopedia of Marine Biotechnology2020Book ChapterPJ Shukla, V.D. Bhatt, J Suriya, C Mootapally
Nature tourism in Garhwal Himalaya: Analyzing the local stakeholders’ perception of the benefits of the tourism IndustryAfrican Journal of Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure20200.82V.D. Bhatt, SP Bhartiya
Environmental Metabolomics: With the Perspective of Marine Toxicology AssessmentEnvironmental Biotechnology20201.89NPP Pabbathi, N M Nathani, IR Gadhvi, C Mootapally
Marine Niche: Applications in Pharmaceutical SciencesSpringer2020Book ChapterN M NathaniC Mootapally, IR Gadhvi, B Maitreya, CG Joshi
Advancements in Bioinformatics and Role in Marine Genomics and MetagenomicsEncyclopedia of Marine Biotechnology2020Book ChapterN M Nathani, A Mitra, C Mootapally, RK Kothari
Role of Metagenomics in Exploring Marine Microbiomes: Current Status and ImplicationsEncyclopedia of Marine Biotechnology2020Book ChapterC MootapallyN M Nathani, S Solomon, B Subramanian, IR Gadhvi
Microbial Omics: Role in Ecological Studies and Environmental Control MeasuresEnvironmental Biotechnology20201.89N M Nathani, RH Rajyaguru, PNP Prashanth, C Mootapally, BP Dave
Bacterial line of defense in Dirinaria lichen from two different ecosystems: first genomic insights of its mycobiont Dirinaria sp. GBRC AP01Microbiological research20205.415A C Puvar, N M Nathani, I Shaikh, A D Bhatt, P Bhargava, C G Joshi, M N Joshi
Development of reverse transcription duplex PCR (RT-d-PCR) for simultaneous detection of the citrus tristeza virus and Indian citrus ringspot virusInternational Journal of Innovative Horticulture2020NAA Kokane, K Lawrence, D Surwase, P Misra A Warghane, DK Ghosh
Molecular detection and coat protein gene based characterization of Citrus tristeza virus prevalent in Sikkim state of IndiaIndian Phytopathology20200.458A Warghane, A Kokane, S Kokane, M Motghare, D Surwase, S P Chodhury, K K Biswas, D K Ghosh
Pseudomonas: The multifaceted BacteriaAgriculture and Food: E Newsletter2020NAS Sharma A Warghane, T Rajguru
In-silico characterization and RNA-binding protein based polyclonal antibodies production for detection of citrus tristeza virusMolecular and cellular probes20202.365S B Kokane, A D Kokane, P Misra, A Warghane, P Kumar, M G Gubyad, A K Sharma, K K Biswas, D K Ghosh
Recent Developments in Synthetic Biology ToolboxEngineering of Microbial Biosynthetic Pathways20209.783PP Vatsa, M Shri, P Bhargava, CG Joshi, M Joshi
Microbial Production of Industrial Proteins and Enzymes Using Metabolic EngineeringEngineering of Microbial Biosynthetic Pathways20209.783P Doshi, M Shri, P Bhargava, CG Joshi, M Joshi
Mechanisms of Arsenic Hyperaccumulation by PlantsPlant Ecophysiology and Adaptation under Climate Change: Mechanisms and Perspectives II2020Book ChapterM Shri, D Chakrabarty, G Verma
Optimising total RNA quality and quantity by phenol-chloroform extraction method from human visceral adipose tissue: A standardisation studyMethodsX20201.837D Roy, S Tomo, A Modi, P Purohit, P Sharma
Perspectives on the role of PTEN in diabetic nephropathy: an updateCritical reviews in clinical laboratory sciences20206.25M Khokhar, D Roy, A Modi, R Agarwal, D Yadav, P Purohit, P Sharma
Acute kidney injury in COVID 19–an update on pathophysiology and management modalitiesArchives of physiology and biochemistry20204.076M Khokhar, P Purohit, D Roy, S Tomo, A Gadwal, A Modi, M Banerjee, P Sharma